What Exactly Are The Lullabelles Maternity Chimes?


Maternity Chimes - also called Harmony Balls, Angel Callers or Bolas - are spherical pendants, typically worn on a long chain or ribbon over the belly, which emit a soft ringing tone in harmony with the movements of the mother-to-be's body. Pregnant women often report that they can feel their baby react and move to the gentle ringing sounds, creating a unique bonding experience between mother and child.


Where Does This Tradition Come From?


From the tropical sands of Indonesia to the high mountains of Mexico, maternity chimes have long been offered as a meaningful gift for expecting mothers. A few years ago, this precious item gained popularity among pregnant women in Europe, particularly in France, our home country.


Is This a Religious Item?


Maternity chimes have no religious ties, and can be cherished by people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and practices.


What Are The Benefits of The Maternity Chimes? 


The benefits of meditation and relaxation breathing exercises are practiced and appreciated around the world. While the Lullabelles Maternity Chime is not a clinical health product, the presence of the necklace on your belly, and its gentle chime, can act as a meditative anchor to connect the wearer back to the present moment and to the bond that matters the most. That said, it is jewelry after all—  we simply hope you feel good when you wear it!


Is There Any Health Hazard Related to Maternity Chimes? Could This Be Harmful for The baby?


No. The Maternity Chime is a product for the mom-to-be. Its natural materials and the soft chimes sound they produce are not harmful for the baby nor the mom.

Please note that our products are not toys nor teething/nursing jewelry. Once born, do NOT let your baby or child under 12 years old play with the chain, pendant, or any jewelry at all due to risk of choking hazard.  Never leave your child unattended with any of our products.


Is It Too Noisy? Can The Baby Hear the Sound of The Bell?


The sound of the chime is extremely subtle and soft - in fact if you’re not paying close attention, you will tend to not notice it at all.

Baby will likely hear it as it is close to her/him. Around 18 weeks of pregnancy, your little one hears their very first sounds, and by 24 weeks those little ears are rapidly developing.


Is It Bulky?


No, the Lullabelles is quite light and delicate. It weighs just 0.49 oz (14 g). You can adjust the chain to two different lengths to find which one fits you best as your belly grows. As you move around, the pendant will probably not stay right in the center of your belly, but that is also part of the style!


Where & How the Lullabelles Jewelry Is Produced?


Our jewelry is entirely designed in our New York City studio and produced in Mexico where the “Llamador de Ángeles” (“Angel Callers,” as maternity chimes have been called in Mexico) have been handcrafted for centuries.

Every single piece is 100% handcrafted by the finest artisans of a small mountain town where Mexico’s best jewelers have resided for centuries (we will keep the exact location secret!). The slight variations and imperfections that result from this manual process makes each pendant uniquely perfect. Our mission is to respect the antique tradition, and our goal is to limit our environmental impact by avoiding industrial and mass production. So stock up!

What Materials Are Being Used?


Our silver products are made with Sterling Silver 925. Our silver comes from Mexico, where this precious mineral has been mined and crafted for thousands of years.

Our gold and rose gold items are plated with a 3 micron 18K gold layer. A little technical background: for jewelry to be considered gold plated in the US, the gold layer should measure at least 0.5 microns. Lullabelles necklace are crafted with a layer of gold six times that thickness for unparalleled quality. (By these standards, jewelry plated over 2.5 microns is considered heavily plated). The metal beneath the gold and rose gold pendants is silver 925, which is pricier but offers the best quality.


How Do I Care for My Lullabelles Necklace?


Always keep the necklace away from chemicals, oils, and makeup. We recommend putting on your jewelry as the finishing touch, especially after applying makeup, hairspray, and/or perfumes on your body. Take off your jewelry during household chores that might expose them to chemicals, soaps, detergents, and cleaners which can deteriorate the metal.

Never expose gold plated jewelry to chlorinated or salty water. Make sure to remove the jewelry before going into pools, hot tubs, or oceans/rivers.


How Do I Clean My Lullabelles Jewelry?


Gold and Rose Gold
Cleaning your plated jewelry regularly is important to the longevity of the item. We suggest using a very mild liquid soap, professional jewelry cleaning solution, or just warm water. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Avoid any brushing or rubbing on the plated jewelry, as this can make it flake, and expose the metal underneath. Make sure to always fully pat dry with a soft fabric and a hair dryer.

Silver and Matte Silver
There are many ways to clean silver. Hand sanitizing products are a quick solution if you need to polish your silver on the go. Squeeze a small amount of hand sanitizer on a soft paper handkerchief and gently rub your jewel. In the case of the Moonlight (silver matte) pendant you can use a eraser 
and rub it in the direction of the stripes.


What Is Haptonomy?


Haptonomy is a unique European childbirth preparation method based on the power of touch and on the relation of tenderness that exists between the baby, the mother, and her partner. During a session, both partners put their hands on the belly in a subtle and guided manner, establishing contact with the baby, learning how she moves within the womb and strengthening the partner-mother-baby bond. In our experience, the Lullabelles Maternity Chimes are a wonderful tool to enhance Haptonomy sessions.