Giving Back, Looking Forward

As heirloom pieces, maternity chimes link past to present to future generations. But jewelry isn’t all that we pass down. The central ethos of Lullabelles is living mindfully, and we work to reflect that not only in our product but in every business decision we make.

Our Story

Lullabelles exists today because as young parents of 3 babies in the exciting, but intense New York City, we fell in love both with the elegant design of the necklace and with the heightened sense of awareness it brought to our pregnancy. Our mission is to make it accessible to all.

Intention Matters

We believe it is our responsibility to create the world we want for our children. A big part of that is prioritizing ethical sourcing and working with jewelry artisans that we know, producing one piece at a time. Our packaging is as minimal as possible, 100% recyclable, and designed to be repurposed.

Moms for Moms

We are also committed to supporting mothers in need. A portion of our sales go directly to Moms for Moms, a non-profit that provides assistance to single mothers living below the poverty line in New York City. Read more about Moms for Moms incredible work here.