Finding the Best Baby Gift

Pregnancy is nine months of feeling everything. Excited, anxious, exhausted, worried, starving, bloated, tired. Rings stop fitting, favorite outfits hang lonely in the closet. We believe an expectant mamma should still be able to wear something special, something simple and elegant and that makes her feel good. Even when she can’t see her own toes.

The Best Things Come in Small Packages

So, your partner/best friend/daughter/favorite cousin is expecting.

Disclaimer: in our personal experience, the ultimate, ultimate gift for a pregnant mamma is a foot massage. Once that’s taken care of, though, it means the world to receive something that feels thoughtful, meaningful, and that won’t be outgrown.

The simple beauty of Lullabelles Maternity Chimes and practice is a lasting gift for a new mother. (Make sure someone still gets her the foot massage, too).


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