The Closest Bond

Find a comfortable position. Take a deep inhale. Exhale. Center your attention on the contact of your Maternity Chime on the belly as it moves with each breath. With the Lullabelle as your meditative anchor, you can return to this practice wherever and whenever you need to.

Introducing Haptonomy

Haptonomy is a way to get the whole family feeling closer: mom, partner, and baby. According to French physician Catherine Dolto, skin is the first sensory organ available in utero, therefore the sense of touch has an immediate, primal significance. Très chic.

Per Dolto, it takes only 5 months for a baby’s body language to be established: they will start to cozy up to a hand on the belly and find their comfiest positions.

As you move the Chime gently around the belly, notice how your baby gets used to it and reacts to its soft sound. This practice offers a soothing point of connection, a tangible (and audible) token of the mother-child bond, and later, a familiar and comforting lullaby to the newborn.


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